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Bathroom Tiles from Tilebaths

If you are in the process of remodeling or designing a new bathroom from scratch, then you already know that there is a lot to consider. One of the biggest tasks that needs to be taken into consideration in this respect is bathroom tiles. When it comes to choosing tiles for your bathroom it is important to remember the following three points:

  1. Pick your dream tile first: Normally, when selecting a set of tiles for your bathroom, you will find one that ticks all the boxes, this tile should be the one that you use as your starting point. So, whether it is a simple subway tile or a unique accent option, pick one and stick with it. From there, you can add extra designs as needed.
  2. Choose no more than three tile types: The style of your first tile should determine the other tiles you choose to complement your original choice. For instance, if you selected a white or other basic color with your first and predominant tile, then you might want to add some color and flair to the bathroom with a colorful accent tile or a unique mosaic option.

By contrast, if you selected a more colorful or individual choice with your first pick, then opting for a subtler color to pair with it might be the best option. However, the most important rule of thumb to remember is to keep the different type of tiles you select to three or under.

  1. Don’t forget about maintenance: If you are like most of our clients, then spending your Saturday mornings trying to clean your bathroom is probably not your idea of fun. To reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance you’ll need to do for your bathroom will be based on the type of tile you choose—ceramic or porcelain are the best options in this respect.

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