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Whittier Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Whittier Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Whittier Tile and Terrazzo Installation

Located in Whittier serving Whittier, Bozeman, BigSky, Fullerton and Cerritos and surrounding areas

About Us
Welcome to Tilebaths

Tilebaths supplies and fits the best Italian styled ceramic and mosaic tiles throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Tilebaths is a family business and the art of Italian craftsmanship has been passed down through 3 generations.

Our success stems from the fact that , the economy changes and we change and adapt as well our commitment to residential remodel is our main concern in this environment , our high level of integrity, our top quality, AFFORDABLE service and our ability to adjust with the times. Regardless of your requirements we are sure to have the perfect bathroom, kitchen and floor tiles to enhance the beauty of your home.

One of the wonderful things about the tiles from Tilebaths.com is that the finished result is only limited by your own artistic imagination.

Take a look at our wonderful range of Italian crafted tiles and we're sure you'll agree, there's nowhere else that offers such a comprehensive range at our competitive prices.

Because we're so confident that you won't find a better service anywhere in the Western States, we'll come to your home and provide you with a full consultation and estimate completely free of charge.

About Me

My name is John Vadurro and my family settled in the U.S. from Italy over 60 years ago. They brought with them the knowledge and traditions of quality ceramic and mosaic tile craftsmanship.

But it's not just about passed down traditions. In the fast moving world in which we live, it's essential to keep abreast with continually changing trends, fashions and colors. We are continually inspired to embrace new ideas; in fact we positively relish the opportunity!

We first started our U.S. tiles business in Mammoth, California in 1979. From our humble beginnings at an early age out of tile apprenticeship school, we learned how to adapt to the changing climate conditions that taught us early on in business how to adapt to the many changes in our industry.

Traveling through Rome, Firenza, Revenna, Milan, and the hometowns of my family. I developed a eye for art and mosiacs. Taking my extensive design experiance,my first chance came working in las vegas on numerous projects including www.Bellagio.com hotel.

I was then asked to head jobs in Telluride colorado for the 5 star www.camelsgarden.com working with www.CaseySmith-finehomes.com in Telluride building custom homes on the westeren slopes of the san juan mountains.

To fully understand the intricacies of this wondrous Italian art, all of our skilled tile designers have undergone at least 5 years as an apprentice, learning the traditional skills from the master craftsmen in Italy.

As the owner of Tilebaths.com, I personally oversee all projects from consultation right through to completion. You can be guaranteed a first-rate professional service from us every time.

Tilebaths.com is well known throughout the tile industry and we believe that our excellent standard of training, along with our ability to continually satisfy our customers with simplistic or complex designs, has gained us the recognition that we feel we rightly deserve throughout the Western States.